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From June 25 to July 2, 2020 in Palanga will be the XX International Folklore Camp - creative school "TRADITION". The organizers are the Folklore and Ethnography Center of Lithuanian National Communities, the School of Slavic Traditional Music, the Vilnius Center for Russian Folklore.

During the time spent in the camp, the children will not only have a great time by the sea, but will also acquire knowledge about the folk culture and meet other  like-minded people from different countries. A team of experienced teachers will educate and look after the children with much care and attention, while letting them enjoy the live communication with their surroundings. There are specific groups for each age group. Every group schedule is thought through to the smallest detail, to ensure the best possible results.

Parents will also be able to attend classes and all activities of the camp and, together with the children, will explore the vast world of folk traditions.


  • Daily workshops for different age groups (from 4 to 6 hours daily):

TRADITIONAL FOLK SINGING (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian, Polish, Lithuanian singing traditions);

FOLK DANCE (Russian dances, round dances, Georgian Lezginka, etc.);

DECORATIVE AND APPLIED ART (production of folk costume elements, jewelry from beads, wool, folk embroidery, stamping technique for printing onto fabrics, etc.)


  • Seminars for teachers about traditional folk culture:

  • Methods of working with a folklore ensemble;

  • Children and traditional folk culture;

  • Methodology of organizing folklore expeditions, principles of archiving the collected materials;

  • Folklore in preschool institutions.

  • Round table for teachers, ethnomusicologists "Best practices for the preservation of traditional culture in different countries";

  • Games by the sea, evening folk dances;

  • Quiz games;

  • Concert at the Botanical Park of Palanga;

  • Closing ceremony of the summer school and a concert of folklore collectives - participants of the school "Tradition" in the Palace of Count Tyszkiewicz (Museum of Amber).

For 20 years, the school "Tradition" has become famous not only because of the vast, up to the minute thoughtful training program and the benefits of its participants from immersion in the world of traditional folk culture. The summer school "Tradition", first of all, is known for its talented teachers from Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, which are recognised for their achievements in different countries. This year, the pedagogical staff of the school "Tradition" will also include teachers from Georgia who will introduce students to the traditions of Georgian polyphonic singing. Georgia is one of the few countries in the world with such a high choral culture. In 2001, UNESCO recognized the Georgian song as a masterpiece of oral intangible heritage.

Leaders and participants of folklore ensembles, teachers of music schools, art schools, creative houses, educators and musicians of kindergartens, all interested in raising the level of the performing culture and improving the methodology of working with the folklore collective  are invited to take part. Teachers will receive the Certificate of Professional Development (CPD; duration: 64 hours). The organizers provide a free visa to Lithuania (except the visa center service fee), accommodation in bedrooms for 2-4 people with all amenities (15 minutes from the sea), 3 meals a day, daily training up to 6 hours a day.

General information  

Teachers will receive certificates of advanced training (64 hours), and participants will receive diplomas. The organizers provide a free visa to Lithuania (except for a visa center service fee), can arrange accommodation in 2-4 bedrooms with all amenities (15 minutes walk to the sea) and 3 meals a day.                                                                                                  


Registration is available by e-mail:

To participate it is necessary to send an application signed by the head of the institution / team to the indicated address.

Information by phone: (+370) -614-21516.

The archive of the Center contains unique records of master classes, which can be viewed by sending an application via e-mail:



Georgian polyphonic singing


Georgian traditional dances


Traditions of the Ural Cossacks


Georgian polyphonic singing


Georgian polyphonic singing


Traditional singing of Ukrainian Polissya


Kursk tradition

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